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Our Story

Production capabilities meet versatility

Gotcha Covered PPE's parent company TDIC has been in business for almost 40 years. With a core competency rooted in automotive PPE, TDIC possesses an innate ability to utilize custom design, cutting, and sewing capabilities to make over 27,000 different protective systems for the automotive, medical, aerospace, and foodservice verticals.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic TDIC was able to utilize its compacity and the tools at our disposal to revamp our production capabilities. With a focused effort, we began producing PPE, including masks and medical gowns for local area hospitals, and have now partnered with a major medical system (see here) and first responders alike. We did not, however, want to limit the scope of our efforts to just the front line workers and wanted to find a way to help provide the public with access to affordable, sanitary, and effective protection to help slow, and eventually eliminate the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory/infectious diseases. 


Through the use of our state of the art locations, both of which are in Sterling Heights, MI. we are able to develop and custom cut these protective solutions with minimal human contact. We also possess the ability to package our products in one of our two ISO 9001 certified class V clean rooms.  These environments are equipped with a HEPA filtered positive pressure airflow system to ensure as little foreign contaminate as possible. The end result is giving you a clean, and quality local product we can be proud of.



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